Booking me as your professional photographer, just what are you investing in?


What I give you when you invest in me as your professional photographer…

A tale of family

In the last year my grandma had to move out of her family home in North Wales to move closer to us in Lancashire.  She lived there alone then, and was no longer managing, she had stayed as long as she could, but it was just time.  It wasn’t easy to move, it was a big change in life, and she had to get rid of a lot of her belongings.   But she took all her framed photographs of family with her, of which she has many, beacause those photographs matter.  She still has them now in her new home, they are all around her in her room, on the walls and on the drawers and shelves.


Forever Memories

In clearing out her home, in amongst all the precious, and not so precious things, were also drawers full of many old photographs from the times of film.  I proceeded to spend hours (in parts, I do have small children!) excitedly, emotionally, at times tinged with sadness, other times with joy; looking through all those photographs.  They were more than photographs.  The were memories, they were people, souls, relationships, moments in time.  Loved ones.  They were precious.  I kept putting my favourite images to the side, ready to put into a memory album to keep and share with my children as they grow.

Photographs matter.



When you choose to invest in my professional photography, it is because you want to have the most wonderful photographs possible, of things that matter.  People that mean the most to you.  Moments and times in your life that are really truly precious.

I will give that to you.


We have all lost people in our lives, when that happens, we talk about them, we remember them, we look through photographs of them.  It is almost as if they live on within our photographs.

We have all reconnected with old friends, by sharing and looking through old photographs of us together, memories are triggered, laughter flows.  We relive those moments with all the more joy and reality because of those photographs.


Photographs matter.

All Together

Life is precious, and what you get when you book me as your professional photographer, is photographs that really show a part of your life, and the life of your loved ones.  Your connection and love.  You all looking wonderful, the best you can be, and importantly, with you in those images too.  Everyone in images together.

Believe me, you will be so happy you have those images of those times and you all together.  Nobody missing because they were taking the photograph.



I take time to make a connection with everyone I photograph, and I believe that this shows in your images.  It is part of what people book me for.

Never miss a moment

Whether it is your once in a lifetime wedding day; the moment you say your vows, looking into your soul mate’s eyes.  Your mum shedding a tear of utter joy or clapping in the background, you may not see it, you’re lost in the moment.  But I see it, and I photograph it for you.



Very often I photograph unobtrusively in the background, always looking, always seeing, and photographing for you, so that even moments you may have missed you can then see in your wedding photographs I have taken for you.


This is why I love to photograph in a natural way, it is true story telling.

That is what you are investing in when you trust me to be your professional photographer.

The wonderful feedback and tears that I know my photographs have triggered for those I have photographed shows I have told a story well.

Photographs matter.

The most beautiful reality

I personally love the photographs I have of my pregnancy, of the first moment my husband held our babies in his arms, the photographs of our family all going for a walk in our favourite place together.  Real moments in time.  Your life.  Captured for ever.

I always loved photographing people, and when I had children, the importance of that was even more solidified in my heart and mind.  Again, this is why I choose to photograph people in a natural way, away from the constrains of an artificial studio, fake backdrops, and uncomfortable bright lights.

It is my passion, and when I photograph you, then you are getting my passion, and that means I capture the most beautiful reality of you and those you love.


When I photograph families, couples, children, newborn babies, birth, I want to photograph what is real.  That is what you are investing in with me as your professional photographer.

I truly believe that I have only done a good job, when I not only get the technicalities of the shot correct, I understand light, I am experienced and well trained, but within that gorgeous image, I also capture your family as you see them.  Your love for one another, and your children as they really are.


I’ve even been called a miracle worker by parents when they see my images of their families!


I give you my soft and instinctual way of capturing that beautiful reality.

Because stunning, intimate photographs a tell a story, and that matters to me.


daddy hugs children

So that you will really, really treasure those memoires for ever, because you know what, they are real.  They are an experience, an adventure you were part of, that I just happened to be there to photograph for you, hurrah!

bride and groom kiss

Because, I truly believe, that photographs matter.

Relaxed and looking amazing

When you invest in me as your professional photographer, you will get images that not only show you looking wonderful, because I’m pretty good at that, but also, I will have put you, your family, your children at ease, and photographed your love for one another, and your personalities will shine out through my images.


That is why my clients invest in me, in my photography, because it is real.  It is beautiful.  Because I am passionate, creative, and sensitive in how I shoot.



The people I photograph talk about enjoying being photographed by me.  They have fun, they get to be themselves infront of my camera.  That’s the experience I will give you.  Whether it is in your own home, a wonderful wedding venue, or a favourite adventuring spot, you will have fun infront of my camera, yes, really!

Baby entertainment skills!

I have my own children, who I photograph, and have been photographed myself many times, I know what it feels like, I know how to get the best out of you, and even out of a baby on their most grumpy day!

children on beached boat

I have been known to photograph whilst singing nursery rhymes, doing peekaboo, and standing in the middle of bubbles being blown.


Wonderful feedback from all the lovely people I have the joy of photographing shows how my photographing in a natural way gets the best out of you, and I hope my images do too.


Photographs matter.

Life is precious, and I believe in capturing it for you.

beautiful country weddings




Hold it in your hands

I also passionately believe in the importance of printing your photographs.

Holding a real photograph in your hands is all the more amazing.  That’s why I have carefully chosen wonderful companies I trust who will print your photographs, hand frame them if you want, and make them into stunning albums that will last a lifetime.  Your wonderful precious memories deserve that, and it is part of my service that I love.

I use the same gorgeous products for my own photographs of my family in my own home, because I adore them so much.

bride and groom walking

The Midland Hotel wedding

Photographs matter, and they are what I love, and I want everyone I have the honour of photographing to feel that too.

So, when you invest in me as your professional photographer, that is a little of what you are getting, a whole wonderful experience, an enjoyable experience, and something truly beautiful and precious at the end of it.  Photographs of real moments, of you and those who mean the most to you in the world, captured in the most gorgeous way, for ever.Because, photographs matter xx

If you would like your very own beautiful photographs, then do get in touch with me, I would love to talk more and get you booked in!